Decking & Flooring Services

Tiles Fixing

We offer a wide range of tiling adhesives to meet every tiling installation requirement. Our tiling adhesives are user-friendly as they only require the addition of clean water or a latex additive. Another benefit is that they are formulated and designed to ensure a strong and flexible installation.

Laminated Flooring

Our Laminated Flooring is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a truly affordable floor which looks just like real wood, stone or tile. Laminate is easy to install, easy to care for and comes in a huge range of styles and finishes to suite just about any room.

Custom Design

Our Custom Design stands can take on any shape or form. If you want to be innovative and creative then a custom designed and built stand is the route to go. A custom built stand will accommodate all your specific needs in a very unique way..

Our decking

Our carpenters specialise in decking, pergolas and privacy screens, adding that luxury touch to any building. WOOD And BAMBOO DECKING (PTY) Ltd specialists will assist you in the decision of which product is best for your needs.

Composite Decking

At last, a lightweight hollow composite deck board with the quality our customers have come to expect. The Essential Range uses our special hollow ‘tube’ design to ensure that while the boards are lighter – there’s no compromise in their strength. And of course they look great too!.


If you want to pave there are several things to consider, of which the type of design to use is the most important. There are several designs and colours to choose from. With our experience will be able to create the perfect paving for your home..

Get Free Consultancy About

Your Project

Our experienced designers and knowledgeable stand builders will ensure that you achieve all your business objectives by maximising the impact of your stand.



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At WOOD And BAMBOO DECKING PTY LTD we are Serious & Passionate about what we do. We understand the values and importance of being Reliable, Honest & Trustworthy. Being in the Industry for years gives us the advantage of knowing what works, so that you the client can benefit.

—Benjamin . Mavedzenge
Our Ceo and Co-Founder

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Clients Feedback

My wife and I would like to thank you and your crew at WOOD And BAMBOO DECKING (PTY) Ltd, for the fantastic work you did at our Sandton, home. Your company did an amazing job fixing the mess left by the previous contractor and keeping our property clean on a daily basis.



I would also just like to say what a great crew Reagan and his team were. They obviously love working with the product but they were also conscientious, courteous and worked tirelessly to get the job completed. Our thanks.

Michel Glaaif

Manager, GLAAIF IT Solutions

I just wanted to say thank you for the professional job you did on our new deck area. We are more than happy to write this testimonial for you. We are really happy with the work carried out by WOOD And BAMBOO DECKING (PTY) Ltd

Christo Porigiter